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I played WoW Classic on Mmogo
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This was sad news to me personally since I wanted my bf for to see multi-day WoW Classic. He did not begin playing until late at TBC. You can just log in to play and retail with one.

They might have used the first version so people who weren't around could see something DIFFERENT.I've heard tales of the extended multi-day WoW Classic matches, and that I was really hoping to have the ability to experience that. Long drawn out power struggles in pvp matches are some of my favorites, and have an obsession with all the potential of universe siege pvp in different matches, which means that just looked like a wet dream for me personally.

Hey Tips. I have a question I hadn't thought of until now but seems important came to me. What do you think of the ramifications of well established? I am thinking players might want to look at these consequences, positive or negative. I played WoW Classic on launch day a pvper here, but times have changed.

Nobody use to stream WoW Classic upon release and barely anyone went to WoW Classic organized as a guild (aside from a couple of Everquest or other mmo guilds).

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