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La loi c'est moi
Inscrit: 19/04/2008 16:29
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Citation :

NEB825 a écrit:
Stranger: Oh.. I'm now in China, and we can't browse youtube here...
You: Why?
Stranger: i don't know... Chinese government locked it

Quand même... :/

Youtube, Facebook et un paquet d'autres sites

Contribution le : 28/08/2009 19:26

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Je masterise !
Inscrit: 14/07/2007 17:54
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Citation :

NEB825 a écrit:
You: Hi
Stranger: 안녕하세요옷!! >_<
Stranger: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
You: I just understand english and french.
You: Do you speak English?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

On va pas aller loin...

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ -> C'est un rire de coréen ça "kekekekeke"

Contribution le : 28/08/2009 20:05

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Je masterise !
Inscrit: 13/06/2004 16:40
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안녕하세요옷 = Annyeonghaseyoot selon google translation.

Contribution le : 28/08/2009 20:48

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Je m'installe
Inscrit: 19/06/2009 10:06
Post(s): 224
"You: hello
Stranger: i want to eat you"

Contribution le : 28/08/2009 20:51

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Je masterise !
Inscrit: 08/03/2008 21:03
Post(s): 2715
Karma: 66
Stranger : m/f
You : f
Stranger : want Sex ?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Je crois que ça a marché 😃

Contribution le : 28/08/2009 20:55

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Je m'installe
Inscrit: 19/06/2009 10:06
Post(s): 224
j'ai reussit finalement a trouver quelqu'un de sympa un mexicain

Contribution le : 28/08/2009 21:20

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Je m'installe
Inscrit: 19/06/2005 22:57
Post(s): 197
Stranger: hi
You: What is the first name of Alzheimer ?
Stranger: fred
You: No chance for you, sorry. 😞
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Stranger: do you think shemales are hot ?
You: it depends on the season
Stranger: whhat ?
You: it's hot in summer
You: 😃

Contribution le : 28/08/2009 23:11

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Je suis accro
Inscrit: 04/08/2008 14:16
Post(s): 598
Ah y'en a qui sont vraiment bouchés en nouvelle zélande...

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: *gives tea*
Stranger: YEAH
You: us
Stranger: YEAH BRAH
You: europe is not a country you know
Stranger: what?
Stranger: yes it is
You: its a continent
Stranger: that like calling north america a continent..
Stranger: north america is a country
You: yeah sure
You: but then
You: what are france, germany, spain, etc?
Stranger: but atleast europeans didnt elect a black person as leader
You: ah i see ur a fucking racist
Stranger: well germany has a women which is pretty bad
You: ur telling it like u were racist
Stranger: look at new zealand worst hit by the reccession beause they had a women leader
Stranger: what
Stranger: no im not
You: haha thats priceless chat
Stranger: im saying that americans elected a black person and europe didnt
You: yeah but there is at least in ur sentence
Stranger: so?
Stranger: it was used in the correct context
You: yeah, if ur said atleast europeans blalbalbla like if it was a bad thing that we elected obama
Stranger: because it was?
You: no its good
Stranger: obama fails at everything
Stranger: LOL why?
Stranger: McCain was better.
You: well hes not a redneck like george dubya bush
Stranger: LOL wow i bet youre from california or NY
You: and i bet ur from texas
You: or arizona
Stranger: god thats funny when 12 year olds try to comment on politics
You: im 19 fag
Stranger: LOL
Stranger: you said "dubya" thats typical liberal idiot talk
You: no, it's the truth
You: he was a retard
Stranger: look at "liberal" states like california and see what kind of a shithole mess they are
You: and look at texas who are all shooting themselves because they are so redneck
Stranger: being open to gay and other immoral activities morally decays away at society..look at how britain is now
Stranger: Texas has a low crim rate.
Stranger: crime*
You: yeah and fathers are shooting their daughters because they dont get back at home at the time she said
Stranger: wow, you just love to listen to bullshit urban stories right and other liberal dribbel
You: lol it was in the newspaper
Stranger: it is fact that in states when there is less gun control there is MUCH less crime than in states with tight gun laws
Stranger: ask yourself, where would you do a crime? somewhere where you know no one else has a weapon or somewhere where you dont know whether or not someone is carrying?
You: in states where theres no gun control ppl are shooting themselves and they say it wasnt their fault because the other guy looked dangerous
Stranger: no
Stranger: the statistics prove otherwise.
Stranger: i trust stats over your anecdotal evidence lol
Stranger: Im not even from the USA and i know more than you
You: where are you from? alberta?
Stranger: i wish
Stranger: New ZIland
Stranger: Ziland*
You: haha and you pretend to know anything about american politics
You: how funny
Stranger: because i do
Stranger: in my country
Stranger: we regularly discuss what is happening outside of our country
Stranger: unlike in the USA
You: yeah ur right on that point tho
Stranger: youd never hear anything about this country
Stranger: in the USA
Stranger: we hear about the USA everyday on the news.
You: lol i know where new zealand is
Stranger: most americans wouldnt
Stranger: i bet most americans didnt even know where iraq was before 2003
You: and iirc ur capital is wellington
Stranger: what the fuck
Stranger: how do you know?
You: cuz i'm not like those texas rednecks
You: for who only oil and money is important
Stranger: lol
Stranger: to me oil is most important too
Stranger: japanese car fanatic
You: well ur going to be screwed hard when there will be none left
Stranger: lol there will always be oil
Stranger: just one day not enough to satisfy deman
Stranger: d
You: yeah of course, but not in such large quantities
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: when the day or personal transport like cars goes away, i dont care what fuels it oil, electricity etc..well when we have no more cars im gonna kill myself
Stranger: im not crazy or anything just a car fanatic
Stranger: im forced to take a train everyday..cause parking is so expensive..and the train sucks so bad
You: in us trains are getting rarer and rarer
Stranger: trains are shit
Stranger: wait
Stranger: public transport is shit
Stranger: fucking 2 more years of this shit (college)
You: ha
Stranger: even if i get a job that pays like shit, as long as i dont have to commute ill take that over one where i do but get paid better
You: lol...
Stranger: no ive done this commute, 1 hour each way for 5 years of high school
Stranger: and 1 year for college
You: yup i know what pain it can be
Stranger: if it was by car itd be alright
Stranger: but public transport is so bad
Stranger: how the fuck can people in europeon shitholes do that
You: idk
Stranger: Mccain was better anyway
Stranger: cause
Stranger: atleast he supported NASA
Stranger: obama is a fucker who wants us to be stuck on earth
You: well when ur country got about 1000 billions$ due to everyone
Stranger: what
You: space is not really important
You: yes its about us public debt
Stranger: $17 billions dollars per year is nothing.......
Stranger: nasa should have unlimited funding
You: i consider 17 billion better invested in getting back the country on his feets than in space research
Stranger: americans are in debt a total of 56 TRILLION
Stranger: LOL
You: yeah
You: us is going to bankrupt man
Stranger: wow, why would anyone bail out banks..or car companies? thats the "free market" doing its thing and americans always go on about the free market ahahaha
Stranger: its not anyones fault
Stranger: that americans cant live within their means
Stranger: when i went there, everyone had big fucking houses, big fucking cars
Stranger: and new tvs and all that shit
You: yeah i know
Stranger: i like stuff, who doesnt, but still buy what you can afford
You: true man
Stranger: i dont need a fucking swimming pool lol
You: thats what i do
You: yeah u can go swim for $5 at the local pool
Stranger: all i want is a nice car
Stranger: yeah its like $1.50 US here
Stranger: lol
You: lol
Stranger: but 56 trillion is just nuts
Stranger: you know thats
Stranger: $180000 for EACH US citizen?
Stranger: one hundred and eighty thousand?
You: yup
Stranger: i was in the USA when CNN played that IOU USA show
Stranger: it was shocking
Stranger: in my country
Stranger: the average age of a car is 13 year.
Stranger: in the USA its like 5 years..
You: yep
You: americans didnt realise they were going to fail
You: its going to be epic fail
You: astronomical fail
Stranger: ha
You: universal fail
Stranger: its not that bad
Stranger: people still eat haha
You: well if we keep getting a higher debt the country will eventually bankrupt
You: and one us dollar will be worth like
You: 5000000 japanese yens
Stranger: i want that to happen
Stranger: so our dollar can get stronger
You: lol
Stranger: and oil comes down
Stranger: for us
You: yeah
Stranger: u like PS3? haha
You: yeah
Stranger: i just want gran turismo to come out
Stranger: fuck
You: lol
You have disconnected.

Contribution le : 28/08/2009 23:40

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Je masterise !
Inscrit: 13/09/2008 12:15
Post(s): 4114
Stranger: Welcome to Hill Valley. Please enter your desired username. Usernames must only have numbers and letters and must be 1-15 characters long.
You: edrfg
Stranger: Please type your username again to confirm, or enter a different one.
You: dfgh
Stranger: Please type your username again to confirm, or enter a different one.
You: gfd
Stranger: Please type your username again to confirm, or enter a different one.
You: g
You: g
Stranger: Please type your username again to confirm, or enter a different one.
You: r
You: g
Stranger: Prove you're human by answering this Back to the Future question. Don't use punctuation:
You: trg
You: h
Stranger: What the name of Docs dog in 1985?
You: tr
Stranger: Wrong answer, goodbye.
You: h
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Contribution le : 29/08/2009 00:08

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Je m'installe
Inscrit: 21/08/2009 17:23
Post(s): 490
Pas long, mais m'a bien fait rire :

You: Hi !
You: How are you ?
Stranger: 16

Contribution le : 29/08/2009 01:39

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Chaleur !
Inscrit: 25/05/2006 19:47
Post(s): 69
Stranger: what do u think of tibet? it's part of china or china is lying to the whole world

Putain tu répond quoi à ça???

Une autre pas mal :

You: Why did your governement locked youtube?
Stranger: youtube?
Stranger: what is it?

Contribution le : 29/08/2009 15:50

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Citation :

NEB825 a écrit:
Stranger: what do u think of tibet? it's part of china or china is lying to the whole world

Putain tu répond quoi à ça???


Contribution le : 29/08/2009 16:21

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Je m'installe
Inscrit: 19/06/2009 10:06
Post(s): 224
j'adore ce site:

Stranger: hi
You: hello
You: where do you from ?
Stranger: france
Stranger: sex?
You: non je suis pas la pour sa
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Contribution le : 29/08/2009 16:36

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Je m'installe
Inscrit: 15/05/2006 16:02
Post(s): 202
Stranger: want to do the webcam
You: xD
You: I'm very hot today 😃
Stranger: so do you want to
You: But are you a male ???
Stranger: yes
You: You're lucky, I'm gay 😃
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

LOL ! ! ! !

Contribution le : 30/08/2009 00:08

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Je m'installe
Inscrit: 07/11/2007 17:43
Post(s): 233
Génial ce site ^^

Citation :
Stranger: Girl with cam?
You: salut
You: pervers
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Citation :
You: Do you know the name of our president without cheat
You: ?
You: it's a strange question i know ^^
Stranger: president of france?
Stranger: no

Sur msn après avoir sympathiser avec un Brésilien.

Citation :
Lucaa dit :
Do you know the name of our president with cheat
Lucaa dit :
Ghuilm dit :
no '-'
Ghuilm dit :
do you know the name of the president of brazil?

On le savait bien. Tout le monde s'en tape de notre Président 🙂

Contribution le : 30/08/2009 04:11

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Je m'installe
Inscrit: 15/05/2006 16:02
Post(s): 202
Stranger: Minute before I was chatting with someone from Korea
You: ^^
You: You know the blegium 😮 ?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: pissing boy ...

LOL ! Pissing boy xD J'men remet pas ^^ manneken piss on dit 🙂

Contribution le : 30/08/2009 11:47

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Je masterise !
Inscrit: 20/02/2007 19:21
Post(s): 2754
il t'a insulte je pense la...

Contribution le : 30/08/2009 12:15

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Je m'installe
Inscrit: 15/05/2006 16:02
Post(s): 202
Je crois pas non ^^ Vu les autres trucs qu'il m'a sorti après

Contribution le : 30/08/2009 12:16

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Je suis accro
Inscrit: 03/02/2008 16:42
Post(s): 703
Karma: 665
Ca doit être un truc du genre pisseux en français, pas forcement très reluisant.

Au fait, c'est quoi Blegium ? Je connais Belgium mais pas Blegium...

Contribution le : 30/08/2009 12:21

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Je masterise !
Inscrit: 20/02/2007 19:21
Post(s): 2754
you are a panda 😃

Contribution le : 30/08/2009 12:25

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